Customer Experience (CX) for Restaurants

Technology-empowered customers are changing the nature of business by demanding a memorable customer experience. In this new Age of the Customer, where customers are savvier and more demanding than ever, CX has emerged as the greatest source of competitive advantage and should be your number one priority. Although most companies believe they’re consistently providing customers with superior experiences, most are just kidding themselves as their customers perceive a significant delivery gap. 

How is your CX? Let's work together to find out what customers think of the customer experience your provide, and close the CX delivery gap by realigning your CX strategy to deliver memorable customer experiences and achieve your business goals.

Make CX your Greatest Competitive Advantage

Our CX process is focused on creating memorable customer experiences for your guests by bringing customers to the forefront of your CX strategy and implementing a customer-centric culture across your  business. We work together to develop a CX strategy unique to your business to align the CX you intend to deliver with your customers’ needs and motivations, employees’ engagement and service, and your overarching business goals.


Focusing your business on the customer experience is a proven way to grow your business. Building a customer-centric culture aligns everyone in the company with the customers and each other.


Employees are central to delivering a consistent and memorable customer experience. Give them purpose, not rules. Engaging employees in the  customer-centric culture will ensure a better customer experience. 


For customer experience to be truly transformative and to stick, company leadership must prove with actions and decisions that customers and employees come first. Business results will follow.

CX Ambassadors

Work With Us

Customer Journey

Customer journeys are the experiences that your customers go through when interacting with your company. Contact us to get a FREE customer journey map of the customer experience specific to your business. Learn more.

CX Strategy

Customer Journey Maps help identify CX gaps. Together we'll discuss key touchpoints along the customer journey and develop unique CX strategy to align the experiences you intend to deliver with your customers' needs and preferences. Learn more.

Point of Sale (POS)

We've partnered with Upserve to offer FREE restaurant online ordering for pickup & delivery. Upserve is the industry's only restaurant management provider that delivers a fully integrated native POS solution.  Learn more.

Our Clients

Customer journey maps by Foodie CX are tremendously useful as they visually show key touchpoints along customer's journey and identify areas of improvement. We're now implementing and outside-in approach putting customers first to improve customer experiences.

- Al Mare Restaurant

Launching a cafe is exciting but also also scary because most cafes don't make it past the first year. Few days before our grand opening, we invited Foodie CX to map the customer journey for our cafe so we could improve touchpoints before we opened. It made a huge difference!

- Cafe Verona

Today's customers are more demanding than ever. Before they set foot in your restaurant their expectations are already set by pictures and reviews on social media, Google Maps, and various review sites. Working with Foodie CX helped us realign our restaurant with customers in mind to set ourselves apart from the competition.

- Restaurant Fortuna

Contact us for a free personalized Customer Journey Map of your business and to discuss your CX strategy.

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