About Us

Toni is a certified Customer Experience Specialist (CXS) with a passion for customer experience in the restaurant industry and government sector.

Linda has been in the restaurant business since a young kid, first helping in the family restaurant and then exploring foodie projects of her own. Linda is also a food photographer.

Together we founded the Istria Gourmet Food Tours in 2017 from which Foodie CX was born. 

We love working with big and small clients, all across the world, and look forward to working with you. 

CX Services

We provide results driven CX for restaurants, QSR, cafes, bars, food tours, wineries, breweries, and foodie industry.

CX Expertise

We've worked with over 100 restaurants in over 10 cities in 4 countries to help them grow their business by helping them align business objectives with CX strategy.


We're based in Washington DC and travel all over the world to help our clients implement CX strategies to grow their business. Where will we travel next?

Contact us for a free personalized Customer Journey Map of your business and to discuss your CX strategy.

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