Connecting with customers in times of crisis

Executives are typically approaching customer experience by creating seamless, convenient and engaging customer journeys; however, the needs of customers at the moment have shifted dramatically towards more essential concerns. Leading organizations are reorienting their customer-experience efforts to meet their customers’ primary needs, such as safety, security, and everyday convenience. These actions will inevitably speak louder than words in a world where companies are increasingly advertising a message of “we are here for you.”

Companies can consider seven actions to emotionally connect with customers: 

  •  Minimize risk by reducing physical interaction 
  • Actively contribute to safety by innovating the product portfolio 
  • Provide pragmatic help to customers in financial distress 
  • Bring joy and support the emotional needs of customers ‘trapped at home’ 
  • Actively shift customers to online channels 
  • Stay reachable and treat customers with care in personal interactions 
  • Demonstrate care for the community through company values

By consciously providing empathy and care during this crisis, companies can build a foundation of goodwill and long-lasting emotional connections with the communities they serve.

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