Global Survey Of CX Leaders

A global research study by MyCustomer and Confirmit explores the requirements, responsibilities and results of CX leadership. These insights represent the most in-depth examination of customer experience leadership to date.

9 key takeaways: 

  • Customer experience leadership is a broad church, with CX leaders coming from a wide range of different backgrounds, though customer service and marketing are the most common. 
  • There has been a lot of movement in the CX jobs market, and while many CX leaders are very experienced, a significant number have been in their current roles for only a short time. 
  • Many CX leaders own their organisation’s customer service and/or contact centers – but this tends to be influenced by where the CX department sits in the business. 
  • CSAT and NPS are commonly used to gauge CX program success by CX leaders – but few measure its business value with financial metrics. 
  • Most CX leaders have achieved improvements in CSAT and NPS, but fewer report upticks in metrics that could be used to more directly demonstrate business value. 
  • Those CX leaders that have been in their current roles the longest are more likely to report program benefits. 
  • Organisational silos are the biggest barriers to CX program success, but company culture is also a challenge – albeit one that CX leaders are able to address if given the time. 
  • CX program budgets have been increasing up to now – and customer journey tools and survey tools have been the most popular investments. 
  • CX strategies, customer journey mapping and Voice of the Customer programs are the three biggest priorities for the next 18 months. 

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