How To Run a Takeout And Delivery Restaurant

With on-premise restaurant operations restricted, restaurants have pivoted to run entirely through online orders, takeout, curbside pickup, and food delivery. 

While off-premise dining was largely regarded as an add-on, a strategy to supplement on-premise sales, to expand a restaurant’s reach, and build rapport with a new digital customer base, off-premise dining has now shifted from a bonus dining experience to the only dining experience. 

In this new age of off-premise-only dining, restaurants who adapt and pivot have a greater likelihood of surviving. Here are recommendations on how to success as an off-premise restaurant:

  • Invest in a Restaurant Online Ordering System 
  • Build Your MVM (Minimum Viable Menu) 
  • Create A New Guest Experience for Off-Premise Orders 
  • Gather Insights from Restaurant Reporting 
  • Train Your Staff to Handle Off-Premise Orders 
  • Find Ways to Increase Your Off-Premise Restaurant Sales 
  • Build A Digital Presence for Your Restaurant 
  • Weigh Out the Pros and Cons of Third Party Delivery 
  • Consider Running Restaurant Delivery on Your Own

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