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  1. Transforming CX with AI

    According to the IDC Customer Experience Benchmark, 27% of companies say improving their customer intelligence and data efforts is their highest priority when it comes to customer experience.  Brands can use AI and machine learning to better understand the context around why the customer’s engagement with the brand is considered…

  2. CX Mindset In Post COVID19 World

    The COVID19 Coronavirus pandemic will have a lasting impact on the state of the customer. Customers have lost loved ones, jobs, and businesses. Even when life has somewhat returned to normal, people all over the world will have a new hyper-awareness about getting sick from every day activities in the…

  3. Global Survey Of CX Leaders

    A global research study by MyCustomer and Confirmit explores the requirements, responsibilities and results of CX leadership. These insights represent the most in-depth examination of customer experience leadership to date. 9 key takeaways:  Customer experience leadership is a broad church, with CX leaders coming from a wide range of different…

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