Daily CX Messages

Daily focus on customer experience by everyone at the company is essential to company success. One way to keep employees focused on CX is with simple, short daily CX messages.

Why Use Daily CX Messages?

Some employees are more dedicated to CX than others. For CX strategy to be effective at your company, all employees need to be reminded of CX focus by the company. Daily CX messages can help ingrain the focus on CX needed for the company to succeed.

Benefits of Daily CX Messages

Daily CX messages:

  • Provide focus on CX as integral to company success.
  • Reinforce CX thinking throughout company.
  • Supplement CX training.
  • Provide opportunity to share and learn new CX ideas.
  • Create a culture focused on CX.

Approaches to Daily CX Messages

Short daily messages have the most impact and are easy to implement. 

Best time to have daily CX messages is at the beginning of each day before employees begin work.

Coming up with CX messages is not difficult. For example, take a few minutes at the end of the day to come up with a new CX message for the next day based on CX lessons learned that day. There are also many resources available on the web and social media (look through social media posts with #cx hashtag).

Some of the CX topics you could talk about are shown below:

  • CX strategy: CX in all areas of company.
  • Task-oriented CX: CX in your activities and tasks.
  • Topic-oriented CX: Concentrate on specific CX topics over a period of days.
  • Touchpoint-oriented CX: CX specific to particular touchpoints.

Daily CX message can be one-liners or short stories. Whatever you decide to do, focus on reinforcing CX in the minds of employees to reinforce CX-centric thinking and behavior.

Ways to Present Daily CX Messages

Communicating with employees directly works best. However, there are also other ways that work well:

  • Start meetings with a daily CX message.
  • Email a daily CX message to employees.
  • Email a daily CX message to supervisors to pass on to employees.
  • Give a list of CX messages to supervisors so they have a resource for new message each day.
  • Post CX messages at a common area.
  • Present a CX message over a PA system.
  • Use a calendar with a different CX message for each day.

Sample Daily CX Messages

Here are some examples of daily CX messages:

  • A well-treated customer is a living advertisement.
  • The relationship with a customer is built like a building - brick by brick - and can be demolished all at once.
  • Always give the customer a reason to come back.
  • You go back to the place you felt appreciated. Think about that when you deal with customers.
  • One bad testimony is enough to bring down ten good ones.
  • Your real boss is the customer.
  • If you were a customer to your company, would you come back?
  • If you don’t care about the customer, they won’t care about you.
  • A customer recommendation is worth a hundred advertisements.
  • The value of your customer experience is not what you gain from it, but what your customers get out of it.
  • Build good relationship with your customers by being transparent.
  • Satisfied customers are the first source of new customers. 
  • Never forget you are not your customers’ priority, but they are yours.
  • Love your customers, and they’ll learn to love you back.
  • Understand what it is like to be a customer before dealing with one.
  • Your customers need your help.Make sure you provide it the right way.
  • If customers see you care,they will care as well.
  • Customers are the ones that tell you how to stay in business; learn to listen to them.
  • Never lose curiosity about what your customers need.
  • Always provide more than your customers are asking for; exceed their expectations in ways they don’t expect. 
  • Unsatisfied customers are an opportunity to improve.
  • Make customer experience your number one priority, and everything else will fall into place.
  • Always give people more than they expect, never less than they hope.
  • It’s not about making sales – it’s about making loyal customers.
  • Make your customers feel appreciated, and they will learn how to appreciate you.
  • People don’t just buy a brand – they buy what that brand means for them.
  • Never underestimate the power of human connections with your customers.
  • Don’t focus on keeping your sales high; focus on keeping your customers happy.
  • No one does business with someone they don’t trust.
  • A good sale is measured by customer’s satisfaction with the purchase.
  • You can’t buy the kind of marketing a satisfied customer does for you. 

Whether brief or long, daily CX messages help companies change behavior and reinforce CX thinking. Give it a try!

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